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© 2017 Academic Publications, Ltd. A topological index is a numeric quantity that characterizes the whole structure of a molecular graph of the chemical compound and helps to understand its physical features, chemical reactivities and boiling activities. In 1936, Pólya introduced the concept of a counting polynomial in chemistry and Wiener in 1947 made the use of a topological index working on the boiling point of paraffin. The literature on the counting polynomials and the topological indices of the molecular graphs has grown enormously since those times. In this paper, we study the M-polynomials of the silicate, chain silicate and oxide networks and use these polynomials as a latest developed tool to compute the certain degree-based topological indices such as first Zagreb, second Zagreb, second modified Zagreb, general Randić, reciprocal general Randić, symmetric division deg, harmonic, inverse sum and the augmented Zagreb. we also include a comparison between all the obtained results to show the better one.

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Journal article


International journal of pure and applied mathematics

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129 - 152