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Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

Yoanna Ariosa-Morejon

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Francesca Corra

Artist in Residence, Centre for OA Pathogenesis

Matthew Gardiner

Honorary Departmental Clinical Lecturer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Katherine Groves

Tissue Coordinator

Benjamin Hamid

Research Technician

Nicole Horwood

Associate Professor and ARUK Senior Research Fellow

Yoshi Itoh

Associate Professor and Principal Investigator Cell Migration Group

Charlotte Kerr

OA Centre Administrator

Ngee Han Lim

KTRR/ARUK Research Fellow

Chris Murphy

Associate Professor & Kennedy Director of Graduate Studies

Hideaki Nagase

Emeritus Professor

Erin Paterson

Research Technician

Jeremy Saklatvala

Emeritus Professor

Linda Troeberg

University Research Lecturer

Tonia Vincent

Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

Angus Wann

KTRR/ARUK Research Fellow

Fiona Watt

University Research Lecturer

Kazuhiro Yamamoto

ARUK Research Fellow

Botnar Research Centre

Nigel Arden

Professor in Rheumatic Diseases

Cameron Brown

Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Materials

Andrew Carr

Head of Department

James Edwards

Arthritis Research UK Career Development Fellow

Siôn Glyn-Jones

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Honorary Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Steve Gwilym

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Philippa Hulley

Associate Professor

Kassim Javaid

Associate Professor

Stefan Kluzek

Clinical Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Medicine

Udo Oppermann

Professor of Molecular Biology

Andrew Price

Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Afsie Sabokbar

Associate Professor & Botnar Director of Graduate Studies

Sarah Snelling

Arthritis Research UK Fellow

Karolina Wartolowska

Postdoctoral Researcher


Irene Tracey

Head of Department & Nuffield Chair in Anaesthetic Science, Nuffield Department ...

Stuart Bevan
Stuart Bevan

King's College London

George Bou-Gharios
George Bou-Gharios

Professor of Matrix Biology, Liverpool

Chas Bountra
Chas Bountra

Professor of Translational Medicine, NDM

Steve Brown
Steve Brown

Professor, MRC Harwell

Francesco Dell'Accio
Francesco Dell'Accio

Professor of Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine & Rheumatology, William ...

Paul Potter
Paul Potter

MRC Harwell

Rajesh Thakker
Rajesh Thakker

May Professor of Medicine, OCDEM

Katy Vincent

NDOG Pain Fellow

Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams

Orthopaedic surgeon, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital; Reader at Imperial ...